As a reporter/anchor with KTLA News and KNBC News, and a Supreme Court/Legal Affairs correspondent for ABC News, Manny Medrano has covered some of the most important national news stories of the past two decades.  With a front row seat to news events, Manny has unique insight into stories that have changed the fabric and landscape of our society.

An embodiment of the American success story, Manny’s personal journey took him from a gang-infested barrio in Texas to the pinnacle of journalism as an Emmy award-winning reporter and network correspondent.  Prior to becoming a television broadcast journalist, Manny was a business litigator and federal criminal prosecutor who never lost a jury trial, posting an astonishing 60-0 win record.  The lead prosecutor in one of the nation’s most closely-watched cases that led to a movie and best-selling book, Manny braved death threats to convict the drug cartel leaders that kidnapped, tortured and murdered DEA federal drug agent Enrique Camarena.  They are now serving life sentences in maximum security federal penitentiaries.

A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, Manny is the recipient of numerous awards and honors for his trial lawyer achievements.  He has served as an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Southern California Law School, Loyola Law School, Pepperdine University School of Law and Southwestern University School of Law.

A gifted communicator, Manny is a professional speaker who has spoken to corporations, business entities, law firms, universities, non-profit organizations and government agencies across the country.  He engages and captivates audiences with compelling presentations on leadership, team building, workplace diversity, motivating individual performance and overcoming adversity.

Fluent in Spanish, Manny is actively involved in numerous charitable organizations, and was named to Hispanic Business Magazine’s “100 Influentials List 2005”.